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Portfolio of Products: Hass Avocado

Hass Avocado Program

Our Hass Avocado Program delivers 18.78% p.a on average, with payments made from harvests annually. 


With Asia becoming the largest consuming region of Avocados globally by 2030, the Philippines is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this rapidly growing market due to one simple fact – it’s the only country in Asia that can produce export standard Hass Avocado. Today, Dole and AGRI Developments are the only active commercial producers within the region.

Asia's Hass Avocado market is without question one of the most lucrative opportunities in existence. Avocados are relatively new in Asia with consumption skyrocketing 48% on average since 2014. Even more shocking, consumption is currently more than 90% below the world average with significant room for growth. China is the fastest growing market along with Taiwan and South Korea all of whom are experiencing over 50% growth p.a since 2014. 


As a result of the regional supply-demand imbalance , AGRI Developments has created  one of the first development of its kind in Asia - aimed at supplying the entire region.

Product Snapshot

  • Packages begin at

  • Ownership Term

  • Returns Payable:

  • Security:

  • Fixed Annual Return

USD 13,650
Long term (25 years)





Market Fundamentals

  • Asian avocado imports are up 48% per year since 2014

  • By 2030 Asia will be consuming more Avocados than the United States & Mexico - combined
  • Over reliant on Latin American imports with 98% of Avocados sourced outside Asia
  • Distance & supply concerns have led to prices in Asia that are 2x more than in Europe
  • Asia today is the most underdeveloped & valuable market. Consumption is only 0.11 KG per person - far less than the Middle (88%), Europe (92%), Oceania & North America (97%)
  • Our development is:
    • In the only country in Asia capable of growing high quality Hass in volume
    • Strategically located near the key import hubs of China, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong
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