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AGRI Developments has been involved in numerous internationally located developments across three geographic regions: South America, Asia and the Middle East.  All developments regardless if they are consultancy developments or our very own are aligned with our business model, corporate mission and core values.

Each development and region possess their own unique and at times divergent market fundamentals. Although agriculture as a sector is appealing more and more to investors, sourcing and managing high value developments is challenging. Our experience in different markets has helped shape our business strategy and developments. It has assisted us in applying cutting edge cultivation techniques and has enabled us to provide consultancy developments with unconventional practices that are higher value than those currently employed.

For example, our experience with avocado developments in Mexico and Peru has been instrumental to the development of Vietnam's sector which is still evolving. Likewise, our experience has helped us in our most recent development located in the Philippines. The development is one of the first of its kind where we are implementing  high density planting in an effort to reshape the country's entire industry.

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