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AGRI Developments is committed to supplying high quality products to distributors, wholesalers, processors, retailers and communities across the world. We work with retailers directly including supermarkets and farmer markets, restaurants and hotels.  Our entire distribution framework is flexible in order to suit the requirements of our clients.  Our aim is to consistently help our clients by providing cost effective products without ever sacrificing the quality of their food product. To do this we implement a number of measures including flexible logistics, food provenance, quality control and price flexibility.

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Flexible Logistics

We provide distribution services to clients or they can can utilize their own existing network to save on costs. 

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Food Provenance

We implement measures throughout our operations which allows us to know where, when and how our products where produced.

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Quality Control

Quality control measures include consistent monitoring and checks during growth, harvest and pre-distribution.  


Price Flexibility

We offer clients the opportunity to fix their prices months or years in advance to protect their costs and profit margins.

Flexible Logistics

Unlike most other companies in the sector we provide the option of flexible logistics. Traditionally, agricultural companies lock in clients into their own self-managed logistical network. This provides companies with an additional profit margin while increasing the price of produce to clients, which rises further as it reaches end consumers. By providing an option for flexible logistics we enable our clients to select what is best for them with no hidden costs.

We can provide distribution through an associated logistical network that can coordinate air, ocean and land transportation or allow clients to arrange their own transport to reduce their costs. This option can be extremely cost effective for medium to larger sized domestic companies and importers who have their own existing transportation network. For smaller companies, flexible logistics enables them to source third parties in an effort to manage their costs optimally.

Providing flexible logistics to our clients has the additional benefit of providing us with the ability and resources to focus on what we are passionate about - growing food the world needs.


Food Provenance

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Consumers and suppliers today like to know where their food comes from and how it is grown. Our dedication to a traceable supply chain means that we can provide information regarding food provenance so you can rest assured of its quality.

Food provenance is commonly misunderstood, with consumers who buy produce in their local area often believing they were actually grown or made in that region. This is not necessarily the case and without food provenance there is no way to confirm it.  Food provenance means knowing the root of where your food has come from and knowing how the food was produced, transported and delivered.


We apply traceability measures throughout our operations including tracking seedlings and nursery suppliers, to as far as tracking each individual tree that so we know which fruits came from which tree and area.  This traceability provides our clients with the comfort and assurance they require and simultaneously optimizes our business performance.

Quality Control

Quality is a cornerstone of our business strategy. We implement controls throughout our operations with our quality control team and production staff working in tandem.  We believe that the effectiveness of quality control increases as the number of people observing the product and process increases. In this spirit, our production staff are trained to consistently observe and make note of the growth and appearance of produce as they grow. This enables us to manage quality and rectify any issues long before the fruit has been harvested.  For example, if we observe irregularities in tree leaves or tree growth patterns we will implement solutions immediately in order to improve quality.

In addition, we monitor each individual tree and its respective fruits via tracking details so that we know which fruits came from which tree and the specific area in which trees where grown. This enables us to effectively monitor our quality and provides us with an efficient means of risk mitigation under extreme circumstances. If, for any unforeseen reason, there is a problem with our fruits, we can pinpoint exactly where they were harvested from. Our team also provides storage checks and consignment checks upon delivery helping us reduce rejection rates. These checks include appearance, firmness and spoilage checks. We also have existing relationships with laboratories should the need arise to examine particular elements.

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Price Flexibility


When possible AGRI Developments implements price favorable and flexible mechanisms with its clients. We offer clients the opportunity to fix their prices in advance, months at a time or for years in advance depending on their requirements as well as market fundamentals. This price flexibility provides clients with a method of protecting their costs and food profit margins.

Seasonality and weather patterns can result in wide fluctuations in prices that can impact costs drastically. These costs are typically passed on to end consumers which raises their end product price and can impact the sellers underlying business by reducing sales. Providing clients with the ability to lock in their purchase prices provides them with favorable and/or consistent pricing so they can manage their business more effectively.

This can benefits us as well by enabling us to plan for future production requirements effectively and strategically allocate more resources towards other initiatives.

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