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Portfolio of Products: Livestock

Livestock Program

Our short rotation Livestock Program delivers a fixed 40.95% (15.35% p.a) ROI over a 34 month term.

The development specifically focuses on the breeding of F1 Purebred Large White Pigs and the distribution of breeding gilts to domestic producers. The Philippines is currently the most lucrative pork market in the world due to the effects of African Swine Fever (ASF) which has resulted in a crisis. Pork production levels have dropped to levels last seen 20 years ago as supply has had to be culled to stop its spread. Our livestock program replenishes urgently needed supply in a safe and sustainable manner.

Market Fundamentals

  • Domestic Pork prices have increased 76% since 2019

  • Pork imports have risen 142% since 2000

  • Record high prices due to supply shock and rising demand

  • Most consumed protein in the world

  • The Philippines is currently the world’s most lucrative pork market

  • ASF domestic recovery projected to occur in 2030

Product Snapshot

  • Packages begin at

  • Ownership Term

  • Returns Payable:

  • Security:

  • Fixed Annual Return

USD 14,900
34 months

bi-annual (6 months)

Full herd insurance


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