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Portfolio of Products: Mango

Mango Program

Our Mango Program delivers 17.41% p.a on average, with payments made from harvests annually. 

The development is the first commercial project of its kind in the Philippines aimed at revitalizing the country’s mango sector. Mangos from the Philippines are world renown for their taste and sweetness and yet are remarkably underdeveloped. Significant export price premiums have existed for years but despite this the Philippines has been unable to capitalize. This has been a direct result of the countries lack of foresight, underdeveloped cultivation and processing procedures.

The mango sector of the Philippines is an exceptional opportunity.  Through collaborations with leading scientists we have incorporated Advanced Cultivation Techniques (ACT) to specifically meet overseas export demand and take advantage of the large price premiums hat exit form Filipino mangos globally.

Market Fundamentals

  • One of the worlds most consumed fruits - 5x more than strawberries

  • Imports are increasing rapidly across Asia (+22%), Eastern Europe (+60%) and North Africa (+22%)

  • Mangos from the Philippines are world renown but due to supply issues account for only 2% of global exports

  • Domestic demand is so high 97% of production is consumed locally

  • Neighboring countries such as China, Japan and South Korea are forced to import mangos from South America due to limited Asian supply

Product Snapshot

  • Packages begin at

  • Ownership Term

  • Returns Payable:

  • Security:

  • Fixed Annual Return

USD 12,840
Long term (25 years)




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