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Peru, situated on the central western coast of South America facing the Pacific Ocean, offers superb climatic conditions for high quality fruits and other agricultural production.  It has been ramping up avocado production since the early 2000’s and has now become the world’s second largest exporter behind only Mexico.

Peru mainly produces three types of avocado varieties, Hass for export, which account for 95% of total exports, and Fuerte and Palta catering towards local consumption. The regions of La Libertad and Lima account for over 40% of Peru’s total avocado production. Domestic consumption is high at approximately 5 KG per capita annually although lags world leader Mexico who consumes 8 KG per capita.

Peru has been instrumental in developing the European avocado industry. Unlike Mexico whose production is highly dependent on U.S imports, over 90% of Peru’s exports head towards Europe. AGRI Developments is consulting with a development in Lima to help increase its export based production with a focus on meeting Asian demand.  Although the volume of Peru’s exports to Asia are relatively small, growth levels have been astonishingly high. Avocados to Hong Kong, Japan, and China, have grown 268%, 3,000%, and 3,700% respectively since 2015.





Key Facts

  • Peru is the world's second largest exporter of Avocados. They are also Peru’s third most valuable agricultural product on the export market, behind coffee and grapes. 


  • Over 90% of exports head towards Europe. The Netherlands is the largest importer accounting for over 50% of exports. 4 of 5 avocados imported by the Netherlands are re-exported to other European countries.

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