Sustainability Policy

AGRI Developments is committed to sustainability by doing business in a way that meets the needs of the present while contributing to an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future. This commitment is at the heart of how we operate and how we deliver solutions to clients.   We aim to follow and promote sustainability practices throughout our activities and to help our clients to do the same.

Our sustainability work is conducted from a triple bottom line perspective, namely the 3 P’s of people, planet & profit. This perspective considers social and environmental and business sustainability aspects.

  • Social Sustainability: acting as a responsible employer and contributing to improved social progress within the areas in which we operate.

  • Environmental Sustainability: protecting the environment by striving to reduce our own and our clients environmental impact and optimally using the worlds natural resources.

  • Business Sustainability: applying good business practices and striving for a profitable and stable future.

Social Sustainability

The aim within this area is to strive for societal improvements by acting in ways that benefit society as a whole. This is achieved by being a responsible and respectful employer and contributing to social progress within the areas we operate in.

  • Providing employees with a safe and sound working environment.

  • Respecting the rights of our employees and providing access to grievance mechanisms.

  • Fostering a climate of social responsibility, community involvement and volunteering.

  • Generating awareness among employees, clients, and the communities in which we operate.

Environmental Sustainability

Risks to the environment include climate change, natural resource scarcity, water quality, pollution, loss of biodiversity and ecosystems. Our aim within this area is to reduce our own and our clients environmental impact and efficiently use available natural resources.

  • Optimal utilization of land, water, energy and electricity so as to reduce waste, carbon emissions and chemical use.

  • Actively engage and educate clients and stakeholders on their environmental impact and how to reduce their footprint.

  • Comply with and exceed applicable regulatory requirements.

  • Ensure appropriate access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene for all employees on our premises and developments.

Business Sustainability

Business sustainability is not merely about profit. It is a combination of all other sustainability aspects that can also lead to business improvement and business continuity. Within this area we aim for stable and profitable progress over time through the implementation of business practices that are in line with our sustainability policy.

  • Integrating sustainability as part of our decision making process, business strategies and operations.

  • Creating developments that adhere to the principle of people, planet & profit

  • Engaging with organizations and industry bodies to advocate for positive change in the various sectors we operate.

  • Operating in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and sector specific practices.

  • Holding our clients and vendors accountable for their social and environmental practices.

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