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Brazil is one of the world’s largest producers and consumers of guava fruit. It is the largest market in South America with almost all production catering to the high level of domestic consumption. The Southeast and Northeastern regions of Brazil are the main producers of guava fruit. Sao Paulo in the Southeast is the largest producer by far accounting for over 35% of total fresh fruit production, of which 55% is industrial processed, mainly into juices, jams and other sweets.  In the Northeast, the state of Pernambuco leads production followed by Bahia.

Guava is a staple fruit across South America however it has lacked investment and strategic scaling with almost all production catered toward domestic consumption only. Export markets outside of the region are severely underdeveloped resulting in an opportunity for companies that have sufficient capacity and export related experience.  AGRI Developments is involved with a consultancy development located in Sao Paolo specifically targeting export markets namely the United States and the Middle East.  





Key Facts

  • The state of São Paulo is the largest producer of guava, accounting for 36% of total Brazilian guava production and 55% processed production.

  • In 2018, growers in São Paulo harvested 150,000 MT of guava, or 5% more than in 2017.

  • Brazil's guava production is catered towards the domestic market at the moment with insufficient supplies available for export.

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