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Mexico has become synonymous with avocados more so over the past decade as global consumption increases. Mexico is the world’s largest producer, consumer and exporter of avocados, accounting for 45% of global exports. The U.S is almost entirely reliant on Mexico for its avocado imports which has led to surging prices as the two countries are embroiled in political tension which may impact trade.  

The state of Michoacan is the heartland of Mexican avocado production with approximately 166,000 hectares of land catered towards it.  Most states grow the Hass avocado variety due to its longer shelf life and strong demand in foreign markets. Other avocado varieties planted in Mexico at smaller scales are Fuerte, Criollo, Bacon, Pinkerton, Gwen, and Reed.

AGRI Developments is involved in a consultancy development in Michoacan aimed at improving yields and increasing operational efficiency. Avocado production at the moment is centered on traditional methods of growing which has limited the sectors growth and profitability. The implementation of advanced cultivation techniques and technology that includes machinery and irrigation systems will help boost production and capacity to meet growing demand namely from Europe and Asia.





Key Facts

  • Mexico consumes more than 8 KG of Avocado's per person. Three times more than western Avocado loving countries such as the U.S and Australia.

  • Mexico accounts for 45% of global exports and 85% of all U.S avocado imports.

  • Michoacan state is the heartland of Mexican production accounting for over 70% of planted area.

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