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Consulting & Brokering Services

AGRI Developments was originally founded as an agricultural consultancy provider. As our exposure to a variety of agricultural projects globally has grown, so has our scope of business. From humble beginnings to the creation of our own developments today. We have learned over time that the agricultural industry is often under appreciated, undervalued and overlooked in terms of investment. The agricultural industry due to these factors and its critical nature presents significant opportunities to companies. Staying true to our original business model we today still provide consultancy and brokering services to clients.

Our consultancy services aim to help small to medium scale private agricultural companies improve the effectiveness of their operations. These improvements range from strategic solutions to on site agricultural performance improvements. Our brokering services add another benefit to our clients by providing them exposure to previously closed markets.  

Consulting Services

Research &


We assist clients in understanding the changing dynamics of their business better. We provide agricultural specific research that helps companies adapt, grow and brace for change. Our unique market insight helps clients identify opportunities and supports their decision making process.

Strategic Advice

We advise clients on how best to adapt to take advantage of market opportunities and/or minimize their risk. This strategic guidance is centered on a fundamental analysis of their business operations and the market dynamic of the sectors they operate in.

Performance Improvement

Performance improvement encompasses a variety of solutions that impact the top and bottom line. These including solutions to improve revenues through yield improvement and marketability to supply chain refinement


Training is provided to clients that wish to implement advanced cultivation techniques and lack the knowledge and experience necessary. This comprises of the implementation of tissue cultures, improved density planting, dwarfing and general agricultural best management practices.

Commercial Broking

AGRI Developments due to its extensive global network also provides certain clients with commercial sales opportunities. Acting as a broker we assist small to medium sized domestic orientated clients with expanding their reach globally. We assist them on providing wholesale fresh produce to commercial customers including wholesalers, restaurants, retailers and hotels. 

Our focus is primarily on exportation of produce. As a result, clients must be able to meet sanitary and phytosanitary measures and other regulations necessary for export. We work together with our clients in order to provide guidance, training and the critical foundation for meeting these measures.  Once measures have been put in place we continue working together assisting clients navigate the hurdles of exportation and help negotiate supply agreements.

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